Jeremiah Walsh - Director of Tennis

Jeremiah Walsh | Executive Director & Head Coach

Ascension was the brainchild of Jeremiah. His primary focus is providing the vision and strategic leadership for Ascension. Through his insights both into people and the world of tennis, he is uniquely positioned to drive the future of this exciting organization. His breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled and provides the foundation for success of the programs. Something else…

Although he was born and raised here in Redding, much of his training and experience has come from outside this immediate area. His credentials include 1. Attending the Van Der Meers Tennis Academy in Hilton Head, South Carolina 2. Being the Head Coach of the Virginia Military Institute Men’s Tennis team making him the youngest Division I Head Coach at the age of 24. 3. Starting a tennis facility management company where he received the USTA National Programming Award for Excellence. 4. Leading the University of Northern Colorado men’s tennis program through the transition to Division I and the Big Sky Conference. 5.. Before returning home to Redding, he was the Head Coach at Southern Oregon University where the team set a new school record for single season win percentage.

Jeremiah is the proud father of two young sons, Wyatt and Gradyn.

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