What We Do


Team Ascension is currently comprised of 15-18 students. Teammates are selected based on commitment and accountability to the goals they desire to pursue on an academic, collegiate, and professional level. In order to further player development, students on the Team participate in strength and conditioning programs, leadership development courses, nutritional guidance, and academic support. Students must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA in order to play on the Team.

One of the many benefits of being on Team Ascension is the coaching and team support provided at tournaments on the road. The Team travels to around 12-15 tournaments a year, and on average, Ascension lowers tournament travel costs by almost 75%. In a sport marked by isolation, Ascension offers tennis players an unparalleled sense of comradery, coaching, and support on and off the court.

Ascension currently has a 100% college matriculation rate for its players.

In the future, Team Ascension plans to expand their leadership and athletic training to more sports.

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